Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Made Beef Fried Rice

The prep work for the dish.
(Maggi Seasoning Soy Sauce, Peppercorn Dry Rub, Siracha Rooster Sauce, Heinz Spicy Brown Mustard, Two Eggs, Leftover Rice, Poorly Chopped Garlic)

Fry it up.

Add the Egg and final saussses.

And VwaaLahh! The final product.

It tasted really good, lol. Didn't you guys know that I'm a Master Chef?
(P.S. Fuk veggies!)


peter said...

daaannng looks bomb cuz, better make me some haha said...

ahah fo shooo

Bebop Vinh said...

I hope you get fondle the wrong way by broccoli's in your dream. Where do you think fiber comes from, hmmm?